JIMHO  Project Stay

The goal of Project STAY is to coordinate a community-based supportive network for individuals suffering from severe emotional problems and or severe mental health problems in order to prevent hospitalization or re-hospitalization and to teach coping skills and life maintenance skills  necessary for individuals to adjust or re-adjust to independent life in the community after hospitalization.

JIMHO Project STAY offers the following services to qualified individuals:  Assistance with filling out various applications, Peer-support offered by Certified Peer Support Specialists, referrals, emergency transportation pertaining to one's mental health, advocacy, a listening ear, attending meetings with people and their caseworkers, and whatever else may be necessary to help keep people out of the hospital and remain within the community.  
                   Project Objectives
for a Project STAY include:

  • Provide crisis prevention and intervention, peer counseling to prevent suicide, drug overdose and unnecessary hospitalization.
  • Assist families of individuals in understanding and coping with problems that individuals with emotional and/or mental health problems face in order to preserve the family unit.
  • Act as a liaison between individuals and agencies or providers of mental health services in order to facilitate a cooperative relationship between client and provider, and to prevent individuals from dropping out of treatment.
  • Assist individuals in solving problems of everyday living such as: obtaining financial maintenance benefits for which they are eligible, finding safe, affordable housing, locating resources to meet medical-legal needs, locating and obtaining food.
  • Teach assertiveness and coping skills so individual acquire the ability to live independently and effectively in the community.


JIMHO Project DOORS can assist with the development of a Project STAY program. If you are interested in the development of a Project STAY program, please contact us at the given number below.  

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