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The following articles were brought to our attention and we are posting them for anyone's review.  Any statement or opinion within these articles are not necessarily the viewpoint of Justice in Mental Health Organization or any of its funding agencies.  If you have an opinion to share with the writers of these articles, usually there is a comment section below the article within its website.  If you feel that action needs to be taken on a larger scale in regards to any issues within these articles (or any issue in general), you may either contact us, your local legislators, or anyone else you feel can assist with advocacy. 

Jogging in Forest Twice As Good As Trip to Gym for Mental Health

Good Mood Food: Ingredients to Improve Your Mental Health

10 Tips for Mental Wellness

Is Undignosed Mental Illnes Causing Parents to Harm their Children 

Anxiety Alone is a Strong Risk Factor 

Medical Problems Lead People to Seek Mental Health Care 

Mental Health Negatively Affected by Excessive Cell Phone and Computer Use 
Comfort Zone: Benzie Community Drop-in Center

Many Services, One Patient, One Roof 

The High Cost of Michigan's Prison System (2nd half of article)

State Mental Health Meeting Rescheduled for March 23rd

Holland Cornerstone Drop-in Helps Those With Mental Illness

River's Edge Drop-in Offers Peer Support, a chance to make friends

Suicide Called "Gorilla in the Room" 

With Depression, Helping Others May In Turn Help You!

Governor To Push Mental Health Investments for 2012

Partnership Helps People Back to Work

From Homelessness to Executive Suite

How Multitasking Affects Mental Health

Get The Mentally Ill Out Of Prisons/Jails

Rural Suicides Follow Medicaid Cuts

Suppliments for Depression: What Works, What Doesn't

America's State of Mind: New Report Finds Americans Increasingly Turn to Medications to Ease their Mental Woes; Women Lead the Trend

Prior hospitalization for mental illness increases death risk in patients with chest pains
After closing psychiatric hospitals, Michigan incarcerates mentally ill

















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