• Accounting Procedures
  • Advocacy
  • Documents, amending organizational, legal, and operating documents
  • Board recruitment, development, and training
  • Budget issues
  • Computer training
  • Consultation with local mental health agencies
  • Contract review/development
  • Forms, developing and evaluating
  • Development of non-profit organizations
  • Employee relations, employer-employee relations
  • Empowerment presentations
  • Fiduciary
  • Filing
  • Financial training
  • Financial documentation and reporting
  • Fundraising strategy brainstorming, methods and training, assistance with requests for donations
  • Grant writing assistance, assistance with researching foundations, proposal training
  • Hiring/firing employees, interviewing assistance, documentation, background checks
  • Insurance assistance, establish and ongoing
  • Interacting with the IRS, State departments, and other entities
  • Inventory of building contents
  • Liaison training for the mental health agency’s consumer-run liaison
  • MESC documentation
  • Preparing and filing organizational documents for non-profit organizations
  • Presentations about consumer-run alternatives
  • Presentations about registering to vote and why voting is important
  • Problem solving
  • Program development specific to a community based on their needs(Drop-in, Transitional Housing, Project Stay, Emergency Shelter, Self-help)
  • Program evaluation
  • Record keeping
  • Referrals
  • Peer support
  • Sensitivity training
  • Statistical documentation, development methods, recording and training
  • Storing documents
  • Support Group Facilitation training
  • Support Group Development
  • Web page ideas
  • Writing (ideas and guidance)of quarterly narrative reports, designed to meet the needs of the funding contractor
Project DOORS stands for Developing Our Own Rehabilitation Services. This has been a very effective program since its inception in 1985 when JIMHO began assisting in the development of new Drop-in Centers across the state of Michigan. Currently there are 57 non-profit organizations that are either totally consumer-run or in the development stages of becoming consumer-run. To the right you can see the various services that Project DOORS provides.

With over 26 years of experience, JIMHO Project DOORS continues to assist peer-run organizations with all aspects from the start-up process, basic maintenance of an ongoing organization, and development of support groups.  It is our goal to ensure that peers deliver the best quality service possible and ensure that peers are making all the decisions.  If there is something missing from this list at the right, we are always willing to assist an organization with locating the resources necessary to complete any task.  JIMHO Project DOORS is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm for consultation regarding consumer-run programs or self-help support groups. 


  Links to Various Consumer-Run Organization Websites in Michigan
Horizon Circle of Friends

Our Place Community Center

The Vista Center

 Jackson Drop-in

Recovery Institute

Manistee Friendship Society

Recovery Cooperative

Getaway Drop-in

Standish Friends Society

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