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Writing/contacting your state legislators is an important part of our duty as  American citizens.  Legislators need to hear from us to stay up on issues arising within our community and contacting our legislators is as simple as sending an email, making a phone call, or even mailing a letter. You can even set up an in-person appointment to talk with them. 


With the many changes that have taken place with the implementation of term-limits, it can be confusing to remember who your legislators are.  Through the assistance of the internet, finding your legislators is pretty simple: 


In the state of Michigan, you would type in the website:  


That will direct you to the Michigan House of Representatives website and near the bottom of the page there is a link to find your representative. 


To locate your Michigan State Senator, you would type in the website: 


hat will direct you to the Michigan Senate website.  Along the right side of the website there is a list of links.  Locate the “Find Your Senator” link and click on that.  From there, follow the instructions and you will discover whom your Senator is. 


Other states have similar online methods to locate State Representatives and Senators.  The best way to find them would be to “Google” “Find my state legislators”. 


In addition to locating your local legislators, we also have a National Congress who works for us in Washington D.C. These Representatives work more on a national level than with state policy. 

To locate your National Representative from the House of Representative type in the website: 


From there, on the right side near the top of the page in the blue bar is a place to “Find Your Representative”.  Enter your zip code to locate your National Representative. 


Finally to locate your National Senator, type in the website:  


From there, in the top, right corner of the website, there is a place asking for you to “Find Your Senator”.  Go to your state and then navigate to find your specific Senator.  Again, like the National House of Representatives, the U.S. Senators work more on National Policy than any State Policy. 


It is very important that we keep our legislators up to date with the issues we are facing today.  Many times when they get to focusing on allocating dollars within the state and federal budgets, they can become unaware of what programs work and what programs do not work. Our feedback is very important to their doing their jobs well and properly representing us.  Take the time today to write your legislators, even if it is a few short paragraphs.  They need to hear from us.    

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