Benefits of a Drop-in

The following is a collection of reasons why people who suffer from a mental illness have attended the various peer-run drop-in centers across the state of Michigan. It is amazing how simple of a program can be so crucial in one's recovery.  If you attend a drop-in center in your community and your reasoning is not on this list, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to add your input to this collection! 

Meeting new friends

Learning coping skills

Build friendships

Participate in activities

Problem solving

Access resources

Learn about resources

Transition from rock bottom to living life

Offering a challenge

Gives meaning to our life

Learn something new every day

Keeps one on track

A chance to relate with others

Learn how similar we all are

Helps us to help others

Gives one a family

It is a life saver

A place to go

Provides meaningful experiences

Gives stability in our life

A chance to grow from support groups

People pick each other up

Provides socialization skills

Provides structure

A chance to rebuild one’s life

Teaches us to speak up

Learning how to accept who we are

Being honest with one another

People helping people

Keeps one busy

Self awareness of others dealing with the same issues

Someone to talk to

Enhances one’s life

Empowers us to grow

Sense of community

You can be yourself

A place to be listened to

A place to branch out

I can get a break from the world

Reminds me that I am worthy

Get back my self-esteem

Support in going back to college

Peer to peer support

Locate community resources

Alternative to system services

Place to get a hot meal

Help others become more self-sufficient

Gives me something to do all day

A place to be off the streets

Safe place to vent

Place to be comfortable

Learn how to use computers

An outlet/release to enjoy yourself

A family

Be pulled out of my shell

A refuge from the world

Build friendships

Learn to function in the community

A place to share problems

Helps you reconnect with family

Place to be supported

Place where I am welcomed

No limit on drinking coffee

Volunteer and learn life skills

Unconditional love and support

Learn that you aren’t alone

Turn your life around

Achieve goals

Be accepted

Availability to information

Place for social contact

I won’t be made fun of

A place to be safe

Place to belong

Form a sense of identity

Be empowering and make my own decisions

Begin to create yourself

Keeps me from being hospitalized

Unstructured environment

Not have a focus on our illness

Having ownership in something

Be with people

A life saver

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